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Local & State Government


Chugiak-Eagle River is part of the Municipality of Anchorage. As a part of the Municipality of Anchorage, this community has two representatives, Amy Demboski & Bill Starr pictured below, who sit with the nine other members on the Anchorage Municipal Assembly. Our representatives are responsible for advocating community interests and needs as well as dealing with a area-wide array of municipal services and issues.


Assemblywoman Amy Demboski

Neighborhood community councils are very active in Chugiak-Eagle River. They meet throughout the year to review issues related to local planning and zoning, recreation, roads, public safety and education. Councils include Birchwood, Chugiak, Eagle River, Eagle River Valley, Eklutna and Southfork. Their boundaries are delineated geographically and maps can be obtained by calling the Federation of Community Councils at 277-1977.

The Chugiak-Eagle River community has local jurisdiction over two government services:  Parks & Recreation and Municipal Roads. Representatives from each of five community councils make up the Eagle River/Chugiak Parks & Recreation Board and the Chugiak, Birchwood, Eagle River, Rural Road Service Area Board of Supervisors. Annually, these boards decide policies, budget and bond issues affecting local service delivery.

Chugiak-Eagle River has the following local city offices available in the Town Center on Business Boulevard: Parks & Recreation, Road Service, Health (WIC), Library, Property Appraisal, Land Development Service, and part-time staff at the Anchorage Police Department Eagle River Substation. The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber is also co-located with the city offices.

The Anchorage Fire Department staffs Station 11 in downtown Eagle River. Outside their jurisdiction, the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department (under the direction of the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department Board of Supervisors and the Anchorage Fire Department) delivers fire and emergency services to the more rural areas north of downtown Eagle River.

At the State level, the community is represented by three members in the Alaska House of Representatives and two members in the Alaska Senate. Sessions are held annually in the State capital of Juneau and begin in Mid-January of each year and end Mid-April.


Chugiak-Eagle River Legislators are as follows:

Senator Anna MacKinnon

Senator Shelley Hughes

Representative Dan Saddler

Representative Lora Reinbold

Representative Cathy Tilton






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