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Chugiak Eagle River Chamber of Commerce is regulated by a 25-member Board of Directors, each representing varied and diverse perspectives. This diversity allows for conversations among small and large business members and allows for considering public and private interests.  Ultimately, the economic health and welfare of the area is the underlying driver that defines how the Board of Directors makes decisions.   The Board of Directors utilizes smaller committees to address and oversee projects, events, or other issues. Currently, committees include a Legislative Committee, an Events Committee, a Finance Committee, and a Nomination Committee. The Legislative Committee meets with Legislative members via a breakfast where issues and platforms relevant to state, local and regional topics may be discussed. During the year, Legislative Delegates are invited to the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce bimonthly Luncheon Forums, open to the public and allowing opportunity for the community to engage with them.   The Events Committee works with the Chamber staff on signature Chamber events of Bear Paw Festival, Annual Dinner/Auction, Merry Merchant Munch, Beautification Tea/Brunch and the Annual Golf Tournament. The Finance Committee works with the Chamber's Executive Director on issues of finance and budget, sustainability plans, insurance and other operational items that require budgetary consideration.   Finally, the Nomination Committee is engaged to oversee the nominations and election process for the Board of Director Seats. Elections are held in the early fall annually, with a slate of elected and/or appointed Directors named and ratified at the annual Board retreat.  
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  The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber had its humble beginnings in 1970 through dedicated local business folks and local residents who desired to advocate for and serve our small but growing community of under six thousand.  With the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska just two years earlier, the community was seeing a shift toward rapid growth that completely redefined this sleepy corner of Alaska. Today, the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber serves an area of 35,000 people and is part of the larger Municipality of Anchorage (population of approximately 300,000). Traveling to this community is easy on the fully lit six lane highway that connects the two areas.   At its inception, the Chamber’s mission was, and continues today to be, an organization whose energies are focused on the promotion and development of a sustainable and vibrant economic and civic environment. The Chamber of Commerce also provides Visitor Center services with brochures on businesses, recreation, entertainment, dining, hiking and more to enjoy while visiting our area or Alaska in general. So whether you are new to town, or a resident with questions about our communities, we invite you to stop by to visit with us.  
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Member2Member options provide a way to work with other businesses to share customers and enhance your and their business! All you need to do is visit these stores or businesses, mention that you are a current Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce member and receive a discount on products and services.   M2M is a value add to your Chamber membership. Let us put you in touch with other businesses - and we know that once you meet, you'll find ways to partner and support each other in many ways. If your business would like to participate, simply email your offer of 40 words or less to The offers are updated once a month and are not removed until you give permission. Questions? Call Dana at 694.4702.      
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The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce is located in the Eagle River Town Center across the hall from the Chugiak-Eagle River Library. Community & Visitor Information Center hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Location: 12001 Business Boulevard Suite 108 Mailing Address: PO Box 770353 Eagle River AK 99577-0353 Telephone: 907.694.4702   Sign Up for Chamber E-Newsletter! Fax: 907-694-1205 E-mail: Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber Website Bear Paw Festival Website Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation Website View Larger Map
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The Chamber of Commerce is here for YOU! After serving on the Board of Directors for the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce for two years, I am honored to serve as the Executive Director.  I grew up in southeast Alaska in the islands, the daughter of a logger, and have a healthy respect for our state. I honor the hard working men, women and youth who make our community what it is. I hope you will engage with the Chamber as a partner to support you - in whatever business or enterprise you passionately represent. Our community events celebrate life in southcentral in each season: Bear Paw Festival in mid-summer, an Annual Dinner/Auction in the fall, Merry Merchant Munch & Winter Wonderland in December, an Annual Beautification Tea/Brunch in the spring, and the Annual Golf Tournament in June - these are our Signature Events. We also partner with community members and businesses in a myriad of other activities such as fun runs, open-houses and Business After Hours. I support our local nonprofit organizations and give back, both professionally as a Chamber Director, and as a citizen, investing in this great community. If you are visiting the area, I invite you to stop by our office and Visitor Center, located in the municipal building across the hall from the public library in Eagle River. We have brochures, maps, and tons of information on what to do, see and experience while you are in our neck of the woods. If you are exploring the idea of a membership with the Chamber of Commerce, I encourage you to call or visit me at your convenience. I'll show you what we can do to help support, promote, and enhance your business. Together we are creating "The Most Livable & Unique Community In Alaska.” Warm regards, Dana Thorp Patterson, Executive Director
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The toughest part about being President of the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber is deciding which program or activity is my favorite. Whether you are a business, a resident or a visitor, our Chamber has something to offer you. As a member of this great community -- you can bring your children and family members downtown to the Bear Paw Festival and watch the Grand Parade, Slippery Salmon Olympics, or wander through the Classic Car Show and Motorcycle show in July; or, bundle up and head for the business district to visit with Santa and his real reindeer during the Winter Wonderland and Merry Merchant Munch in December -- you've got opportunities! Our Chamber brings you interesting speakers of the day to keep abreast of the local, state and national issues at the regularly scheduled forums. Additionally, small business workshops are offered during winter months (not during fishing season) to keep us on top of current trends and best practices thereby meeting the challenges of a competitive marketplace. These are open to anyone interested with very nominal fees and are scheduled at convenient times. Alaska's rugged beauty surrounds us in abundance. Our Chamber has built on this beauty through the creation of a vibrant business environment through projects that enhance the look and feel of the local shopping experience.  These include annual beautification projects such as Chief Alex Park at our south entrance and downtown streetscape banners installed during summer months.  On that same philosophy, our Chamber developed the first "business friendly" overlay district within the city to make sure that development and redevelopment projects keep us competitive. Come visit us in our year-round community and visitor information center located in the Chugiak-Eagle River Town Center. Our friendly staff will help answer your questions about where we live and are happy to refer you to appropriate member businesses when you need them.  We are here for you and we want to hear from you on how we can be of service! With warm regards, John Sims Board President
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History of Chugiak-Eagle River In the Beginning For thousands of years, human activity along the eastern side of Knik Arm primarily revolved around seasonal hunting and fishing activities by the indigenous Dena'ina Athabascan people. “The last frontier” with its promise of the gold brought prospectors, fur traders and missionaries through the area. Alaskan Railroad The true unlocking of Alaska's wealth began with the completion in 1923 of the Alaska Railroad, totally financed and constructed by the federal government. From the Port of Seward, the railroad was extended to the interior community of Fairbanks. One of the earliest segments to be built was from Ship Creek in downtown Anchorage north to the Matanuska Valley coal fields. Ship Creek became the hub of activity as a construction camp and supply terminal site and later became the main rail yard, railroad headquarters and ultimately the center of activity which permanently established Anchorage as a new community. Growth of Eklutna Little growth occurred in Anchorage or north in the Chugiak-Eagle River area after the completion of the railroad. An exception, however, was at Eklutna. In 1924, the U.S. Department of Interior established a home at Eklutna for Native children orphaned by the 1918 influenza epidemic. The home was soon converted to a boarding school called the Eklutna Industrial School, which offered vocational training to high-school age youths from throughout western Alaska. By 1930, enrollment had reached 110 students, making it the largest of the territory’s three vocational schools. A post office was also established at Eklutna in 1926. Eklutna Hydroelectric In 1928, an Anchorage entrepreneur obtained a federal license to construct a hydroelectric project in the Eklutna Valley. Completed in 1930, the project included a storage dam at Eklutna Lake, a diversion dam seven miles downstream on the Eklutna River, a 1,900 foot tunnel and an 870 foot penstock to channel the water to the power house located a short distance from Eklutna village. Because of the size of the operation, housing was also constructed at the site for permanent full-time personnel. The power plant operated for more than 25 years and was a major source of electricity for Anchorage. Homesteading Interest in homesteading in the Chugiak-Eagle River area grew during the 1930’s following establishment of the Matanuska Colony and construction of the Palmer Highway through Chugiak-Eagle River, linking Palmer (to the North) and Anchorage (to the South.) Initiated as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Program, the Matanuska Colony was seen as a way to help farmers escape the drought and poverty of the Midwest while, at the same time, helping to establish agriculture in Alaska. World War II With the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, military leaders began to anticipate United States involvement. This led to the establishment of Fort Richardson military Reservation and, later Elmendorf Air Force Base (today referred to as JBER – Joint Base Elmendorf-Richarson.) Most of the lands were acquired between 1940 and 1943. The establishment of the military reservation clearly separated Anchorage and Chugiak-Eagle River areas. However, the army post did provide a market for the small farming and livestock raising activities undertaken by early Eagle River homesteaders. After World War II Additional land was made available for homesteading and small five-acre home sites. Terms for land ownership were also made more attractive, particularly for ex-military personnel. Homesteading, however, seldom provided enough of a livelihood to support a family. Rapid Growth 40’s & 50’s The 40’s and 50’s saw rapid population growth. The population of the greater Anchorage area rose from 4,229 in 1939 to 82,736 in 1960, primarily as a result of national defense efforts associated with World War II, the Korean War and the Cold War. Large numbers of military personnel were assigned to Anchorage, while high paying jobs associated with military construction projects also attracted large numbers of civilians. Population Growth Chugiak-Eagle River’s population grew from an estimated few hundred people in 1939 to 2,229 in 1960. During this period, many G.I.’s were exposed to the attractions of the Anchorage and Chugiak-Eagle River areas. After World War II, additional land was made available for homesteading; however, it seldom provided enough of a livelihood to support a family. Consequently, most homesteaders commuted to jobs at Fort Richardson or Anchorage. These land use and job commuting patterns which were established following World War II throughout the Chugiak-Eagle River area have continued to the present. Through the late 40’s and 50‘s, more families settled in Eagle River and Chugiak. In 1947, families living near present-day Chugiak formed a school club and decided to call their area “Chugiak”, a Dena'ina word meaning “a place of many places.” As Eagle River and Chugiak grew, however, Eklutna declined. In 1945, the Eklutna post office was closed as was the Eklutna Industrial School, which was eventually relocated to Sitka. Some Eklutna villagers moved to Anchorage where jobs were more readily available. The 1960’s The Anchorage area continued to grow during the 1960’s, with the population of Chugiak-Eagle River area doubling. Much of the population growth was related to continued federal government activities, as well as post-1964 earthquake reconstruction. Out of the increase of 43,597 people in the greater Anchorage area during this decade, 3,603 settled in Chugiak-Eagle River. Eagle River took on the look of a small town as some of the original homesteads were subdivided into small lots served by community wells. Small businesses which had been established during the 1950’s to serve the local population and travelers along the Glenn Highway, increased in number. However, Chugiak and other outlying areas to the north and up the mountain valleys remained rural and undeveloped. As the Chugiak-Eagle River settlements grew, the need for public services also rose. Most community services were provided by local service clubs and organizations. One of the earliest and longest-lasting, for example, is the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department. Trans-Alaska Pipeline As a result of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, from 1980 to 1985, Chugiak-Eagle River’s population grew from 14,800 to 25,067 people. New schools were constructed to accommodate the influx of people and roads and utilities were upgraded. The Glenn Highway between Anchorage and Eagle River was expanded to six lanes with highway lighting creating a pleasant and safe commute. A second bridge, the Briggs Bridge, over Eagle River was constructed and connected to the Glenn Highway in 1993.   Present Day Today, based on mid-decade estimates from Alaska’s Department of Labor, the population of Chugiak-Eagle River is right at 35,600.  The community has a vibrant business district, two full high schools, two middle schools, eight elementary schools that includes one charter school. All public schools operate under the jurisdiction of the Anchorage School District. Much of the remaining developable land in the Municipality is owned by Eklutna Native Corporation. In fact, through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Eklutna Native Corporation is the single largest private landowner in the Municipality of Anchorage. Eklutna Native Corporation has provided much land for schools in the area and developed some of the most beautiful properties, both commercial and residential, in Chugiak-Eagle River. Recreational activities are diverse and include lots of local parks with ADA accessible playground equipment.  Additionally, five Municipal baseball fields are available for team play at Loretta French Park in Chugiak. Six more baseball fields are located at Eagle River Lions Park along with facilities for Pop Warner Football. Extensive trail systems are maintained in Chugiak and Eagle River for both Nordic ski and dog mushing. Downtown Eagle River Commons Park has eight acres of developed open space, a covered stage / amphitheater, the first fully accessible playground in Alaska, and a connecting trail to the Glenn Highway bike trail.  Eagle River/Chugiak Town Center is located in the heart of downtown and is home to Municipal offices, the Chugiak-Eagle River library and the Chamber of Commerce. Chugiak-Eagle River continues to attract visitors and new residents alike because of its pristine beauty and modern conveniences. New subdivisions are in the planning stages that will accommodate those wishing to relocate to this area. However, plenty of open space remains allowing residents and visitors to thrive in this beautiful Alaskan environment. Reference:  State of Alaska, Department of Labor, Chugiak-Eagle River Comprehensive Plan, Municipality of Anchorage Planning Department; Chugiak-Eagle River Parks & Recreation   Individual (since 1970) Organization (since 1970) Volunteer Service Award President's Award Excellence in Community Award Spirit of the Festival Award 2011 Leslie Lance Eagle River Boys & Girls Club Terry Beaty MTA Peggy Hayashi Spenard Builders Supply 2012 Colin Fay Eagle River Rotary Rep Bill Stoltze Heart to Heart Pregnancy Resource Center Rep Anna Fairclough River of Life Lutheran Church 2013 Mitch Braham Eagle River Nature Center Crystal Kennedy Ron Lange Pizza Man Jim & Pam Yeargan 2014 Susan Wallen Chugiak-Eagle River Food Pantry BettyJo Worthington & Steve Worthington Eklutna Inc. Chugiak-Eagle River Women In Business Debbie Rinckey 2015 Jim Gorski Eagle River / Chugiak Parks & Recreation UAA/CER Campus Dawn Hoxie Jim Palmer Karen Richards
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  Dana Thorp Patterson Executive Director Merry Braham Events Director Click Here to Download Membership Form   The Chamber needs YOU! As a business and community member, you are an integral part of the vitality and sustainability of our community. The Chamber helps: Grow our economy on local, regional and state levels to address barriers to healthy enterprise Ensure that Chugiak and Eagle River have adequate infrastructure to meet needs and the resulting growth Remain on top of issues that affect our community and helps find ways to act accordingly In this process, the Chamber can: Help your business/organization gain valuable customers and stakeholders Facilitate your networking capabilities with key stakeholders who help your business grow Help your business/ organization find solutions to business challenges Our Board of Directors represents a significant cross section of the Alaskan economy and serves as a powerful resource to provide a strong advocacy platform for the business/nonprofit community. We provide opportunities for your business to be visible in the community, provide networking situations to meet and interact with new and potential customers, and provide regularly scheduled forums where key speakers provide information on critical issues that support your company and our community.  We will help ramp up your visibility with involvement in community activities where critical relationships are built. Our Chamber also serves as a visitors’ center and we are pleased to be able to promote your business! Let us be your champion and lift you up! Together we are part of the “Most Livable & Unique Community in Alaska.” Together we can make a difference.
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Chugiak- Eagle River Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors The Chamber has 25 active and engaged members serving on the Board of Directors. Board members are elected annually in September and Executive Committee seats are selected at the annual Board of Director's Fall Retreat. There are 11 elected two-year seat and five appointed one-year seat positions. In additiona, nine standing Board Members represent stakeholders in the Chugiak and Eagle River communities. A number of Past Presdients remain active on the Board via Emeritus standing.   2017 Board of Directors John Sims, President Enstar Colin Fay, President-Elect PDC Engineers   Julie Estey, Treasurer MEA   Crystal Kennedy, VP Joe Hegna, Past President AECOM   Susan Wallen Legislative Liaison   Debbie Rinckey, Secretary MarketWise Scott Myers Jack White Real Estate Larry Wood Attorney at Law Leslie Lance Alaska Regional Hospital   Kelsie Sullivan University of Alaska Anchorage Joey Merrick Laborers Local 341   Marty Crow First National Bank Alaska   Dawn Hoxie Northrim Bank   Larry Wiget Baywind Communications     Shawn Osborne MTA   Linda Landers Alaska Traffic Signal Supply Amy Dembosk, iAssemblywoman   Bill Starr, Assemblyman   Jamie Topliff JBER Alyssa Mitchell Arbor Capital Mgmt     Dr. Deena Paramo,  ASD Elisa Snelling Anchorage School Board   Detective Helen Haverty, APD Eric Lawson, AFD Pamela Kauveiyakul, AEDC Curtis McQueen & Joanna White Eklutna Inc. Jim Palmer, Emeritus     Al Romaszewski, Emeritus   Jim Yeargan, Emeritus George Lochner, Emeritus Pete Mulcahy, Emeritus     Debbie Ossiander, Emeritus Dennis Johnson, Emeritus   John Rodda, Emeritus   Michael Melielo, Emeritus   Dana Thorp Patterson Executive Director   Merry Braham, Events                                
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    Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce 2017 Executive Board        John Sims, President Enstar     Colin Fay, President-Elect PDC Engineers     Crystal Kennedy, Vice President Retire d ASD Board     Debbie Rinckey, Secretary Market Wise Julie Estey, Treasurer MEA Susan Wallen, State Legislative Liaison Alaska Legislative Office   Joe Hegna, Past President AECOM  
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Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce is located in the CER Town Center across from the hall from the library at 12001 Business Blvd., Suite 108

Mailing address:
PO Box 770353
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